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            公司現代化廠區面積達2.5萬平方米,其中4280平方米的高潔凈度生產車間,凈化 條件居全國同行業前列。

            公司引進具有國際先進水平的日本全自動化LCD制造設備和工藝技術,可以大規模制造各種TN、STN液晶顯示屏,具有年產液晶顯示屏5萬平方米的生產能力,并擁 有COG、COB、TAB模塊生產線, 可以生產制造各種STN、CSTN、TFT液晶顯示模 塊,模塊的年生產能力達到3000萬塊。

            公司產品主要用途:通訊終端、儀器儀表、銀行終端、民用消費等黑白顯示領 域,我們日常能接觸到的手機、網銀U盾、電子詞典、P3、P4、空調、冰箱、POS機、 汽車儀表、3D眼鏡、智能手環、血壓儀等等,發展前景廣闊、市場空間巨大。

                  Changchun Fangguan Electronic Technology Limited Company was founded in July, 1997 as a private company by the backbone staff of the original state-owned  enterprise  Jilin Zijing Electronic Limited Liability Company after necessary reform.

            With  registered  capital  of  55  million  RMB  and  over  400  staff  members,  the  company specializes in developing, designing, producing, and selling TN and STN LCD, STN, CSTN, and TFT LCD modules as well as other related products. The company can also provide customized and special LCD and LCM products.

            Total area is 25,000 square meters, and the production purification workshop covers an area of

            4,280 square meters and the vertical layer streaming purification method is adopted. Purifying  capacity take the lead of LCD manufacturing industry in China.

            The company is equipped with automatic LCD assembly line from Japan. The COG and TAB production line can produce TN, HTN, STN, and FSTN products. The annual production capacity can reach 50,000 square meters and COG,COB and TAB type LCM products amount to 20,000,000.

            The company's products are mainly used for: communication terminals, instruments, bank terminals, civil consumption and other black-and-white display areas, we can  contact with mobile phones , Internet silver U shield, electronic dictionaries, P3, P4, air conditioning, refrigerators, POS machines, automotive instruments, 3D glasses, smart bracelets, blood pressure meters daily etc., There will be with broad prospects for development and huge market space.